Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology

What is Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology

The IEEE Computer Society is the world’s leading membership organization dedicated to computer science and technology. Serving more than 60,000 members, the IEEE Computer Society is the trusted information, networking, and career-development source for a global community of technology leaders that includes researchers, educators, software engineers, IT professionals, employers, and students.

Our Mission

Our goal is to facilitate the recruitment and retention of women in technical disciplines globally. We envision a vibrant community of IEEE women and men collectively using their diverse talents to innovate for the benefit of humanity. Vision

About Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology

SIGHT focuses on sustainable solutions that make a long­term difference in the lives of people.SIGHT operates through local volunteers and partners working with local communities. For SIGHT, success is only achieved through partnerships, starting with the community and extending to government organizations, NGOs, schools, hospitals, companies, and others.For SIGHT and its volunteers to be both effective and sustainable, continuous training and education is essential.“Local” is defined by the fact that key leaders of the project are citizens and/or permanent residents of the geographical area in which the project is to take place.

Benefits of Joining Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology

IEEE Members have an interest in engaging to improve opportunities for women and girls in engineering. IEEE Members also have realistic experiences as engineers and can therefore serve as mentors in real life circumstances through humanitarian projects, which also serve to put us in touch with our own aspirations

The STEM workshop at the WIE Forum USA East 2019 using the Boolean Box, a build-it-yourself computer and engineering kit created by Boolean Girl, can provide a helpful template not only for WIE groups, but also for IEEE Special Interest Group for Humanitarian Technologies (SIGHT) Groups and others to engage their local community.

IEEE SIGHT is a program instituted by the IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee (HAC) consisting of IEEE Members and Volunteers in a global network of local community groups; IEEE SIGHT Groups inspire Members and Volunteers to apply their skills to projects advancing technology for humanity guided by the UN SDGs.

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