Webinar On Converters For ELectrical Vehicle

Transportation is transforming and we need to get ready -. James Campbell

Hey folks ☺️

Electric Vehicles are proposed to replace conventional vehicles in the near future. So let’s dive into some splendid electrical things πŸ₯³

IEEE PES SBC CET is providing a fascinating webinar on Converters for EVs to let you know more about the appreciable add-on’s that Electric Vehicles poses to be the most desirable.

Topic: Converters for EVs

πŸ”Š Speaker: Dr. Deepa K Associate Professor - EEE Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore

πŸ“… Date : 19th November 2022 ⏱️ Time : 7:00 pm πŸ’» Platform : Google meet

Certificates will be provided to all participants ✨

Hurry up ‼️ πŸ‘‡πŸ»

For more details: πŸ“ž Ashwin:75608 20284 πŸ“ž Ishani: 96057 57312


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