Aura Stack Up - Intro to App Development

” Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe or pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn” ~ Stephen Hawking

Hey guys!!

Are you tired of searching for which tech stack to learn? Having trouble deciding on what to work on? Then fear no more!!

IEEE SB CET CS Society proudly presents,


A Three day workshop series held under IEEE SB CET Aura, introducing all of you to some of the key technical fields in software development.

Day 1: Introduction to Machine Learning

Day 2: Introduction to Web development

Day 3: Introduction to App development

This session will surely be a starter pack for all you budding developers out there, where we aim to give a general overview of the topics, a few fundamental concepts, how to get started, the tools you’ll be needing, potential projects and problems you can attempt solving, and much more!

What’s more?

We have amazing speakers for the session too!

1) Nandana Sreeraj - Machine Learning Intern at IEEE SB CET CS Chairperson
2) Sudev Suresh Sreedevi - Full Stack Developer Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador
3) Antony S John - Flutter Developer IEEE SB CET CS Vice Chairperson



28,29,30 May 2021

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