Topper Talk

“Setting the goal is not the main thing, it is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with the plan.”

     ~ Tom Landry 

Hey guys!

What after Should I go for higher studies? Should I go for MBA? Or should I gain some experience by doing a job? These are some questions that arise in our minds and often leave us confused. To help you out WIE AG IEEE SB CET is here with “ Now What ? “ , a series of events to guide you through the various opportunities after

To kickstart this, WIE AG IEEE SB CET presents to you “Toppers Talk”. An interactive Q&A session with Vaishnav (AIR 5 (EC) ) and Sanjana (AIR 1135 (EC) ) Gate 2021 All India Rank holders from College of Engineering, Trivandrum ( CET ). GATE exam is one of the most popular exam among engineering graduates. Cracking the GATE exams to study in the Premier colleges or to work in a reputed and highly paid PSU is every engineers dream. Join us in this interactive session to know more about their journey, experiences ,do’s and don’ts and the best practices that need to be followed while preparing for GATE examination.

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