β€œ The only source of knowledge is experience.”

     ~ Albert Einstein

Hey guys!
As a part of Women in Engineering week celebration WIE AG IEEE SB CET brings to you SheTalks a talk session by the successful young woman entrepreneur Smt Anubha Maneshwar .

About the speaker

Anubha is a young entrepreneur, founder of GirlScript Technologies and Foundation. She has been globally recognized in Forbes Asia Under 30 List for Social Entrepreneurship Category 2020, Society of Women Engineers Magazine 2020, Top 8 Technology Playmaker Awards by at London UK, Elastic Search Cause Awards at Sydney Australia, and Indian Women Leadership Excellence Award. She is a speaker at events like Tedx, Pycon North America, Microsoft Build, etc., and Jury at Smart India Hackathon 2020.

Wanna attend the talk?

For more details contact
Sapna: 79945 94325
Isheeta: 79940 18408


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