Bloggig Contest

“A creative block is nature’s way of calling in a moment of self-reflection. In order to improve, you need to stop between sessions and think about those steps.” -Susan Lin

Hey ladies,

Have creative ideas and thoughts? Wanna showcase your writing skills? Do you get inspired by science and technology?

Here is an amazing opportunity for you. WIE AG IEEE SB CET is delighted to announce a Blogging competition exclusively for women on science and technology as a part of WIE Week.


  • Target audience - Female participants
  • The Blog Post should be written in English with a word limit of around 400-600 words.
  • The format of submission: links to medium.
  • The topic of the submission can be anything related to Technology
  • The judging criteria will be based on:
    • Topic Selection
    • Blog Content
    • Writing Style
    • Professionalism
  • Plagiarism is strictly not allowed, blogs should be the original content of the submitter.
  • The last date to submit your entries is 27th Feb 2021.

For more details contact
Atheena: 6282173031
Sapna: 7994594325



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