Masquerade Online Treasure Hunt

IEEE SPS CET along with IEEE WIE CET , conducted an online treasure hunt competition named ‘Masquerade’ .

Amidst the season of an ongoing pandemic, IEEE SPS CET along with IEEE WIE CET planned to arrange an online treasure hunt to wake the lazy dead minds during this quarantine period . We wanted to do it, not only to give the participants a change from the boring quarantine but also to make the contestants brush up their general knowledge . A ample time limit of around 10-12 hours was given to the contestants to make sure that everyone was given a fair chance , in case of any network mishap.

It was open to every student irrespective of the department and the college that they come from. We received an active participation with around 35 entries. A WhatsApp business account was set up to answer official queries and to accept the answers of the first round. Questions for the first round were put up on Instagram and submissions were done through the Whatsapp business account.

Out of these 35 submissions, 21 were chosen . They entered the second round and it was conducted via an online platform called Action Bound. There were some setbacks that occured in the second round by 10 pm but were restarted successfully by the next morning. 12 contestants made it to the third round which was also conducted via Action Bound .

The questions became harder as we approached higher rounds and these questions ranged from general knowledge , cryptography, logical reasoning, etc . The overwhelming amount of responses made sure that the contestants had a tight competition. After analysing the answers submitted, the winners were decided according to the amount of time they took to answer in each of the rounds and how accurate they were.

The First place goes to Joel John from College of Engineering and the Second place is shared by Hari Prasad N and Fathima Zakkiya from College of Engineering Trivandrum.The participants will be issued IEEE certificates and the winner, a memento.



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