Webinar on the topic ‘Redefining the Pursuit of Passion’

WIE Affinity Group of IEEE SB CET organised a Webinar on ‘Redefining the Pursuit of Passion’. The Webinar session was taken by Miss Harsha Puthusserry, Founder and Managing Director at Iraah Loom International Pvt Ltd.

Focusing on Women in the areas of Technology and Entrepreneurship and making sure they get equal opportunity and representation is something all of us have been talking about for quite some time now. Female entrepreneurs do face a tougher battle but it is nothing that sets them back and they can succeed the same. WIE Affinity Group of IEEE SB CET decided to bring in a speaker from this area to speak about the above mentioned idea through a Webinar. The speaker was Miss Harsha Puthussery, Founder and Managing Director at Iraah Loom International Pvt Ltd. She took a session on the topic, ‘Redefining the Pursuit of Passion’, in which she mostly spoke about her company, the cause that she stands for and her journey. The session was organised on the Zoom platform. The scheduled time was from 07:30 pm to 08:30 pm. The first 35-40 minutes was taken forward by the speaker with her talk. The remaining time was available for the attendees to ask any questions and clear their doubts. The webinar was open to both students and working people. Around 28 people attended the session.



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